A Crisp Kit for Crisp Weather: Giordana G-Shield

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By bicyclebluebook October 8, 2014

Well, they are finally here, cool morning roll-outs. It’s not time for jackets and booties just yet, and it may never be this winter at the California HQ of Bicycle Blue Book, but the slight change in the air, the crispness of Fall, seems to be creeping our way. It doesn’t mater how much money you saved on a used bike or got for selling your old bike on the Bicycle Blue Book marketplace, it won’t keep you warm unless you spend it wisely. We’ve recently discovered the thermal, water resistant kit, simply a jersey and bibs designed to protect you from the chill and the elements, without the bulk and overheating of jackets and tights. Our favorite comes from the Italian’s and Giordana.

G-Shield… this stuff is a revelation. More water resistance, more warmth, more breathability, more comfort than any other short sleeve jersey. Nothing comes close when the skies open up. While a number of factors play their part, the true scene-stealer is SuperRoubaix AZ fabric. The AZ means Aqua Zero. Created by Italian textile mill SITIP, Aqua Zero has some incredible features.

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By using a nano-finishing technique that invests the individual threads with water resistance Aqua Zero out performs any garment using a sprayed on layer. Brand new it will keep water at bay for up to 60 minutes and even if some water gets through on a long, wet day the material is immune to absorbing it so you will never be waterlogged. It does all of this while retaining incredible stretch, lightweight and a soft fleecy feel. Since the layer is bonded to the threads it wont break down after a few trips to the laundry.

What Giordana has done with the fabric is equally impressive. The fit is slim and race oriented with just the right patterns to take advantage of the fabric’s elastic properties. They also used the fewest panels possible ensuring seams don’t betray the fabric’s water resistant properties. Giordana has given the G-Shields three rear pockets a generous flap that keeps everything inside nice and dry without bulky zippers or plastic liners. If the rain really comes down an extended back can by flipped down for added protection.

With a full zip and reflective accents the G-Shield has a color to match any bike – black. Subtle Giordana logos and an understated blue G-Shield call out are the only visual flourishes on the jersey. Giordana makes a full G-Shield line including bibs, tights, and warmers. When the rain rolls in and the temperature is in the 50s a G-Shield kit with warmers is all you’d ever need. It makes for the most comfortable rain riding we have ever experienced.

Fit: In a word, sublime. It’s Italian so its a close Euro fit, but thanks to the fabrics great elasticity don’t be afraid to go true to size. Happily the jerseys sleeves keep the arm warmers securely in place and the same can be said for the bibs and knee warmers.

Price: $200 Sizes: SM-3XL More: gitabike.com

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