A Long Time Coming

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By bicyclebluebook October 5, 2013

It is officially here.  Something the biking industry has been longing for since the birth of E-Commerce for bikes – a marketplace specifically designed for bicycle enthusiast.  No longer do you need to look high and low to find a website to buy or sell a bike.  No longer do you need to worry about whether you are getting the best deal or if you purchase a bike, will you actually get that same bike.

At InterBike we released our new marketplace for all to use.  It has been a huge success thus far.  Most of you know and love us for our valuation layer and accurately pricing your new and used bikes.  Well we took a step further.  Once you’ve accurately priced your bike now, you can list it for sale right then and there.  While listing your bike you can change the condition of your bike and you can immediately see how much you should sell your bike for.  No more guessing or inaccurate pricing.  We guide you the entire way.

So I’ve explained a lot about how great our marketplace is for sellers but what about people looking to get hooked up with a sweet new ride?  Just as great.  When a seller lists their bike for sale they must include information such as components, condition, and at minimum, an image of the front, back, left, and right sides of the bike.  Sellers also select a Retail Partner in which they will have their bike inspected.  This is where the peace of mind comes in.  All bikes listed on our site go through an Official Bicycle Blue Book Inspection process.  What you see is what you get.

Bicycle Blue Book is now your one stop shop for selling and purchasing new and used bikes.  You can now buy and sell with confidence.

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