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This week we wanted to continue looking into the safety of bike riding in local communities. We are confident more people would use a bicycle as a mode of transportation if there were safer places to be sheltered from vehicles.

There are numerous types of bikes paths that are commonly found in cities these days, some work to protect us better than others. In our search to find good documentation on different types of paths and the progression cities were making to develop them we once again stumbled upon our friends at People For Bikes and the great work that they do.

Safety starts with education; education for us, and the masses. Even as a cyclist I’m willing to bet you don’t fully understand your rights as a cyclist or all of the rules of the road as they pertain to you. If you don’t how can we expect motorists to?

Here is a great piece that People For Bikes did on bicycle lanes in cities and the differences between them. If you know what options are available you can guide and petition city officials to be progressive in their approach to bike safety in your city.

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