Bicycle Blue Book Makes Buying Used Bikes Easy!

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By bicyclebluebook October 23, 2013

We’d like to send a big shout-out to our friends at Shape magazine!  They posted this outstanding article in September 2013 on the growing trend of purchasing used bicycles.  All of us at Bicycle Blue Book know that this is an incredible opportunity for riders of all levels and budgets to jump into better fitness and a fun lifestyle.

It always amazes me how much people always pay when purchasing new.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m as much of a sucker for brand-new shiny toys as the next guy.  However, in many cases bicycles are like other luxury items that loose so much value the minute you walk out the door.  However, that loss for many people can be your gain when you find a great used bike.

In many situations, people are hesitant to purchase a used bike because of fear of a bad deal.  Is the bike really in the condition the seller is representing?  Will it arrive in good condition?  Will I even get the bike after I pay my money?  These are all concerns that Bicycle Blue Book has virtually eliminated by created a trusted used bike marketplace.

Search for your dream bike, submit the bid of your choice, and see how the Bicycle Blue Book marketplace walks you through a simple and safe transaction.  Oh – and by the way – if you’re looking to sell a used bike, don’t despair.  Bicycle Blue Book is here for you too.  Using our bicycle valuation database you can make sure you’re getting the full market value of your bike!

Check it out today at!

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