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By bicyclebluebook November 20, 2014

How would you rate your community in the bike friendly category? Do you have a good network of bike paths and bike lanes that allow you to navigate the city safely? As cycling gains more and more mainstream attention we have noticed a growing amount of bike paths, increased road signage, bicycle laws, and general awareness in cities across the country. Its now probably more important than ever for the growth of our sport to push for a safer environment where beginners can be comfortable learning to ride.

Progress In California:

In California earlier this year a bicycle path connecting Carpinteria to Ventura opened. This was a major step towards cyclist’s safety in Ventura County since the previous option was an unprotected bicycle lane along the 101 freeway.

Just a few days ago we learned about progress in the Bay Area. The Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco to Oakland is moving closer to gaining plan approval for a full-length bicycle and pedestrian path which will allow cyclists to travel seamlessly between the two cities!

And maybe the biggest advancement in recent bicycle law was the passing of the new California 3-Foot Rule. The Three Feet For Safety Act was recently passed which now makes it a law that motorists must give cyclists at least 3 feet of room when passing. Word is quickly spreading through a statewide campaign to help motorists learn about the new law and traffic signs are being reviewed for final approval to be posted when the law is soon made effective.

Pass 3 Ft Min sign mockup

Your City:

Our friends at The League of American Bicyclists have put together this great info graphic helping to illustrate the direction cities need to progress towards to improve safety for cyclists. They rank Bicycle Friendly Communities, is your city on their list? If not lets work together to get it there! As cyclists we should be vocal about improving local bicycle routes and awareness.

Bicycle Friendly Community Infographic

Over the next few weeks we will look at other interesting happenings that are moving to make this world a safer place to be a cyclist. For more information, subscribe to Bicycle Blue Book‘s blog and look out for updates on our “used bicycles for sale” market place.

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