’s Three-Step Program To Improving The Planet

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By bicyclebluebook November 7, 2014

I know we’re stating the obvious but at we are crazy about bikes! We are crazy about you riding them! Maybe it’s the freedom, fun, simplicity, exercise outlet, or conservation effort bicycles represent but we want more people to experience our passion and love for two wheels. In fact we might go as far as saying we think the world might be a better place if more folks straddled a bicycle from time to time.

Chances are good that you are already familiar with our Bicycle Value Guide, and Used Bicycles for Sale Marketplace available here at and as fantastic as they may be they are only the first steps towards getting more seats on seats.

We are constantly working on adding brands and bikes to our Bicycle Value Guide while increasing our millions of data points that support their values. We believe creating this was the first and most essential step in ultimately selling more bicycles within the industry. Now that the Bicycle Value Guide has been created and baseline pricing established for used bicycles we can move towards step two.

The second step towards more folks on bicycles is having well-established brick and mortar shops begin to accept Trade-Ins. Imagine being able to trade-in that dust covered bike in your garage towards new bicycle purchase or money towards other parts and accessories. Better yet imagine your well-loved and worn bicycle. Send it on to a new happy owner through your local bike shop and walk out with a shiny new ride yourself! Think about it, if you are a bike shop employee or owner how often are you asked by customers if you buy used bikes or what a customer should do with their old bike? If you are a cyclist how many options are out there for you to sell your used bike? How many shops do you currently know of that accept trades? We are changing this.

Finally the third step, which will ultimately get more seats on seats, is putting these used bicycles up for sale and making them readily available to everyone. Used bicycles are less expensive than new ones, and therefore lower the price point for people to get onto bike shop quality bicycles and increasing the chances that they will enjoy cycling like the rest of us. If you could buy a high quality used bicycle for a fraction the price a new one costs and still obtain the support and service from your local bike shop wouldn’t that just be a nice option to have? That’s what we are building.

So there you have it in black in white, the three step program to making the world a better place, well maybe not completely, but it’s a start!

Want to help us get there quicker? You can always recommend your favorite reputable bike shop to us. We will reach out to them about joining the fast growing family of Retail Partners.

Enjoy The Ride!

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