Buying A New Ride Has Never Been Easier


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We know selling your used bike can be a time consuming and stress filled event. That’s why we created, so riders could get an accurate value for their bike without guesswork.  To compliment our value guide we have been recruiting an army of Authorized Trade-In Partners (retailers) who are equipped with all the tools they need to accurately appraise your bike on the spot and offer you a better way to buy a new bike!  By using your current or old bike as trade-in leverage, buying a new ride has never been easier. BBB_Window Graphic

It’s like trading in your old car at the dealer, minus the haggling, bad coffee and high-pressure sales guy in an ugly shirt. If your local shop is a Trade-In Partner simply go to their website, look for the trade-in calculator and enter your bike’s make, model and year. The gears of our proprietary algorithm start turning, millions of data points are crunched and a nano-second later your bike’s trade-in value is delivered. From there head on down to your local shop, let them know you want to trade it in, they’ll give it a quick look to verify condition and also account for any upgrades, and abracadabra… that brand new bike you want just got a lot cheaper thanks to the store credit your old ride delivered.

There is no faster way to leverage the value of your current bike to bring down the price of your next bike.

Don’t have a bike you want to trade-in, but looking for a new one?  Check out our Marketplace, it’s full of high quality used bikes that have all been professionally tuned and inspected. 

The Trade-In Program is fresh out of the oven so it is only select retailers, but look for it to spread out quickly. If your local shop isn’t a trade-in partner, let them know they may be missing a piece of the puzzle to get all those local riders upgrading. Used bike values, a used bike marketplace, and now a used bike Trade-In Program with Authorized Trade-In Partners! Could selling your old bike be any easier?

Check our directory to find the closest Authorized Trade-In Partner:

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