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By bicyclebluebook March 20, 2015

What’s holding you back from making your next bicycle purchase a used one? Is it too difficult to find the right bike in used condition vs. new? Are you looking for the latest and greatest which isn’t always readily available in used condition? Are you skeptical of the condition and the usage of the used product? Are you concerned that a warranty is usually void with a secondary purchase?

At BicycleBlueBook.com we have been trying to improve our system of bicycle inspections for buyers to help alleviate some of the above concerns for buyers. We want to give buyers more peace of mind and confidence in their purchases. The concept of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) bicycles is getting more and more attractive as it relates to used bikes.

Currently all of the bicycles sold through our online marketplace go through an inspection process ensuring the buyer that the wool isn’t being pulled over his/her eyes and increasing the odds of a clean positive transaction.

Our inspection consists of a full frame inspection where if there is anything that the seller did not disclose in their listing the bicycle automatically fails it’s inspection and both parties are notified. The frame is inspected for cracks, dents, bends, tampering of serial numbers (potentially indicating it has been stolen), and notes of any noticeable repairs made.

Next our bikes are inspected for component continuity. Pictures and listing specifications are compared to the actual bike before the bike is boxed and shipped to the buyer. From front derailleurs to tires to pedals and computers, if it was listed it the original listing our inspecting partners make sure that its there.

Finally, our inspecting partners make sure that the components and accessories are in the condition consistent with the listing. We know the last thing buyers want to deal with is a surprise when they open the box containing their new bicycle.

So where does CPO come in? We know that our inspection process has been a huge relief to buyers but we want to improve on it. We are working on taking our inspection process to the next level of buyer satisfaction and comfort. We have been compiling a list of qualifications that a bicycle must pass for it to be deemed Certified Pre-Owned. We’ve already received excellent feedback from our users and are looking for more. If you were buying used bicycles for sale what would you want to see inspected by experts? How about a product warranty? Within reason how long would be fair? Would you pay more for extended coverage?

At BicycleBlueBook.com we take buying and selling used bikes seriously and are on a mission to help cyclists do it better. Feel free to email any suggestions and ideas to


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