Eleven Speeds on the Trail

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By bicyclebluebook January 29, 2014

If you are in the market for a trail bike or even a deep travel Enduro Machine, you’ll notice something. All of that travel comes with a lot of hardware and a hefty price tag. Because of this, we are big fans of SRAM’s new XX1. It makes things simplified and cuts costs, which is a rare thing, these days, in the world on riding. As the single chain ring and 11 cog cassette gain traction and get a few seasons under their belt you will begin to see used bikes with XX1 turn up on Bicycle Blue Book. Don’t fret, SRAM XX1 delivers all the gears you’ll ever need. Sure all the advertisements show gravity riders in full-face helmets “hucking” themselves down rock gardens, but the group has real potential on the trail. Let’s remember, the single speed trail movement is still growing, so the 11 speed movement must have legs.

XX1, simply put, has 11 speeds in the back and one up front. You get a rear shifter driving a rear derailleur across 11 cogs. It’s light, super durable and you’ll never wait for a front shift again, because it doesn’t exist. XX1 is far better than a XX group with the front derailleur pulled off. SRAM has designed it with technology that deliver a huge range of gears and quick, smooth shifts across a huge cassette. “How huge?”, you ask? 42 to 10; that huge. Thanks to a custom XX1 X-Actuation feature those big cog gaps never slow you down and chain slap is almost non-existent. To make the most of that monster cassette, XX1 gives you six chain ring options, 28-38, in two tooth increments. If you know your course, you should never be under or over geared. Thanks to the one ring, the XX1 crank gives you these options at 650 grams, including BB.


In the XX1 story, there is much more going on with the rear derailleur, the crank, and even the shifter, but to fully experience it, you need to ride it. So, don’t be afraid if the bike you have been dreaming about turns up on Bicycle Blue Book kitted with SRAM XX1. Embrace eleven speeds and simplicity; embrace SRAM XX1 on your next used bike.

Posted by Bicycle Blue Book, the web’s only trusted source for up to date bicycle valuation and a trusted marketplace for used bicycle sales, with permission from switchback magazine.

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