GT Mines Rich Road History with New EdgeTi

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By bicyclebluebook January 15, 2014

GT Edge Ti GT doesn’t have to look too far back in the history books to find a time when they were the biggest bike brand in the world, sponsoring some of the biggest athletes in the sport and making some of the most innovative bikes on the road. Take a look at the used bikes listed on Bicycle Blue Book, pull down the menu to GT and you might find one or two of those beautiful road bikes for sale one day. With their latest bike they have been mining this rich history for inspiration.

More than a decade ago their Ti bike the Edge, was a gorgeous sight to behold and now looking for some of that magic GT has created an all-new Edge Ti. This is no run of the mill Ti frame using off the rack tube shapes and an outdated design masquerading as heritage. The new Edge Ti is a ground up re-imagining and just may be the sexiest Ti bike on the road. GT spent an enormous amount of time finding the right Asian builder. They settled on a small family shop, managed by a staff of three, not the sprawling factory complex we typically imagine in Asia. The welds are gorgeous, the workmanship perfection. It’s the cleanest Asian Ti we have ever seen.

New Ti road bike from GT

The Ti tubes are mechanically formed and drawn specifically for each tube shape. The chain stays are hydroformed Ti, a technique we more commonly see with alloy. The stand out feature of the bike is the head tube. Tapered for stiffness, instead of drawing the tube, GT forges the Ti and then CNCs it to create an incredibly stiff front end that looks like nothing else on the road.

Speaking of on the road, it offers Ti’s most important benefit, you can ride all day over the worst roads and be happy. There is nothing sluggish about Edge, it climbs incredibly well seated and surprisingly, even better out of the saddle. Heading down hill the bike is more about leaning than steering. It likes wide, high-speed descents over tight and quick corners but its stability at high speeds, even on rough descents is amazing, the bike just eats the road up.

The GT Edge Ti is available in the US as a frame set only, and is worthy of any build. The signature GT triple triangle is in attendance, but our favorite aesthetic flourish is the finish. GT polishes the entire frame, negative masks the graphics, then bead blasts it to a satin finish. Gorgeous. The Ti Edge is an instant classic, the perfect foundation to build up as dream bike, a dream bike that will last forever.

GT Edge Ti – Price: $2200 (frame and fork) More:

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