Legendary MAVIC Celebrates 125years

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By bicyclebluebook May 7, 2014

Sure, Bicycle Blue Book is a new company, but created by folks with many, many years of cycling experience. Those folks have a real appreciation for cycling history and legendary brands. One of the most legendary, creative and winningest in all of cycling is MAVIC. A wheel juggernaut, pushing the envelope is deeply ingrained in their DNA. Recently, one name has stood above all when it comes to light, durable and reactive clinchers, the MAVIC Ksyrium. Take a look at our used bike marketplace and you’ll see many have tried and true Ksyriums. Have no fear of buying a bike with those wheels. They are as bullet proof as wheels get. BBicycle Blue Book was recently on hand for a very special event in France, a celebration of all things MAVIC.

While US companies boast about being founded in the 1970s,  in Europe only brands that can claim 100 years or more are considered truly old. MAVIC has most of those brands beaten, celebrating their 125th anniversary in 2014. To celebrate the anniversary, MAVIC organized an event in Lyon, France, the original home of Mavic and the nickel-plating business that was its precursor. Rumors began to circulate that the event would include great riders that raced and won on MAVIC. The assembled group began to joke, ‘Well, isn’t that everyone?’ We did not realize how right we would be.

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The event was hosted by the great Stephen Roche, winner of the Giro, Le Tour and the rainbow jersey all in a single year – 1987. His compatriot, Sean Kelly, one of the greatest classics riders of all time was also in attendance. Other Tour greats were there – Bernard Thevenet, Tony Rominger, Charly Mottet. Even riders from MAVIC’s illustrious and dominant track history made an appearance, the huge German sprinters , Michael Hubner and Jens Fiedler, and the French champion Florian Rousseau. Current riders racing and winning on Mavic made their way to Lyon as well–Paris-Roubaix winner Johan Van Summeren and Tour stage winner Christophe Riblon. Kept away by business, Bernard Hinault recorded a video message as did Greg LeMond, although Greg’s was never played. It was a draw dropping assemblage of talent, all to honor the most creative company in cycling, MAVIC.

But a company founded on wheels and a recent expansion into soft goods, wanted to do more to honor its history than throw a heck of a party. MAVIC wanted to make some new products. To help celebrate,  there is a new helmet, the Cosmic at only 210grams in weight, and a new commemorative kit, HC 125, featuring one of the most interesting chamois we’ve ridden in ages, but this is MAVIC and there must be wheels.

The new 125th Anniversary Ksyriums bring everything the Ksyrium name in synonymous with – lightweight, reactivity and durability – and add to it a truly new expansion of a core MAVIC technology. The Ksyrium 125 features its patented FORE drilling, Zicral spokes with rear non-drive side Tracomp carbon spokes, Maxtal alloy, carbon front hub body, SUP electro-welded joints, ISO Pulse, Exalith anodizing, etc, etc, etc…

What is so interesting about these wheels is a new development in MAVIC’s ISM, or inter spoke milling, process. Dubbed ISM 4, the entire rim is now milled at once, shaving away rim material not just between spokes or on the sidewall but on the entire rim, save the brake track. It results in only minute weight savings over ISM 3, but gives the rim a more rounded aero profile. Time will only tell where the brand takes this extension of ISM technology in time.

Like any high-end Ksyrium, the stats are impressive. At 1370 grams for a set they are among the lightest alloy clinchers on the road and considering so much of the technology has been proven in Ksyrium wheels for many seasons there is no reason durability should be compromised. After a short first ride, there is no question they offer the stiff and responsive ride the name is famous for. The black-on-black look of the Exalith finished rims and Zicral and Tracomp spokes with bold yellow accents gives the wheels an aggressive look and is perfectly in tune with MAVIC’s identity.

Only 6000 of these wheel sets will be made, and each is individually numbered. Fans of Ksyrium and Mavic, or just riding fast on light, lively, durable wheels should place their orders now. They won’t last.

Price and Availability TBD. Sold as a Wheel/Tire system. For more: mavic.com

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