My Upgraded CAAD 9: What’s It Worth?

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By bicyclebluebook April 9, 2014

The recent update to the Bicycle Blue Book fundamentally changed the user experience. Based on feedback from you and our own desire to improve our service we have made all of the data we have collected on used bike sales and our incredible algorithm to determine used bike value easier to use and more flexible. To help illustrate that I recently ran one of my own bikes through the valuation tool, a bike that has been heavily upgraded over the last four years, although not heavily ridden for the last two. Based on what I learned you may soon find this bike listed in the used bike marketplace!

In 2010 my team received an incredible deal on the Cannondale CAAD9. With the risk of a crash being ever present in the hot and heavy criterium scene in Southern California where my team was based, the stiff and nimble aluminum CAAD9 seemed like the perfect choice. Tons of performance without risking expensive carbon. I picked up a CAAD9 1 and got busy racing. As the seasons progressed I upgraded the bike endlessly, from wheels to components to power meters. Happily, the new Bicycle Blue Book valuation tool can now reflect all of those upgrades and the process is quick, simple and accurate.


On the home page I just clicked ‘What’s Your Bike Worth?’. On the next page, the valuation guide, in the ‘Make’ field I typed in ‘Can’ and the predictive text field filled in the rest, ‘Cannondale’. Very cool. On ‘Model’ I typed in CAAD9 and there it was, my CAAD9 1, along with every other CAAD model out there. I clicked CAAD9 1 and the year option, 2010, self populated. I clicked the it and hit ‘Find Value’ and I saw my 2010 CAAD9 1 with an original MSRP of $3000. I clicked ‘View Details’ to check the spec and find out what a stock CAAD9 1 is worth today. In ‘Like New’ condition the bike is worth $1352, but my bike has been thrown in the back of too many cars to be considered ‘like new’. ‘Good’ is a better representation, still a tidy $1159.

But my bike value doesn’t stop there. What about the Zipp 303’s I bought two years ago and the Dura Ace brakes I swapped for the original Tektro calipers? I hit the ‘Customize w/ Upgrades’ button and got busy. Under wheels I chose ‘Performance Race’ since new Zipp 303’s are well north of $2000, then I selected 2012 as the year I made the upgrade. I then followed the process to include the Fizik Arione saddle with carbon rails and Dura Ace calipers. With these upgrades included in the value my ‘Current Blue Book Value’ almost doubled to $2160. The new valuation tool also includes options for every other type of upgrade imaginable, from handlebars to rear cassettes.

Our new and improved has taken an already powerful tool and made it much easier to use, find used bikes for sale, and is more accurate in reflecting the riders constant desire to upgrade with aftermarket goodies. If you spent any time on the site prior to the recent changes, head on over to the site again and see what’s new. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and accurate valuation of even the most relentlessly upgraded bikes. Upgrades, we love ‘em, on the bike and on our site. You can be sure we won’t stop here so keep on using the tool and keep on giving us your suggestions.

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