Standing Out in the Peloton with DannyShane

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By bicyclebluebook February 19, 2014

So you just took delivery of a new bike. Maybe it’s just ‘new to you’ and you picked it up on Bicycle Blue Book – Used Bikes, saving yourself a ton of money. Well, what should you do with all the money you saved buying a used bike? Upgrade the wheels? Maybe you could get new tires and bar tape to freshen it up. How about a new kit ? By the way, what we’re talking about isn’t just any kit. We recently stumbled upon the ultimate antidote from all the garish team jerseys and fluorescent colors in tribal themes. This stuff is about simple aesthetics and solid performance.

27 different panels, sewn by an 85 year old Italian man in a barn, based on fit created for Marco Pantani, out of fabric sourced from the International Space Station’s solar panels. It will keep you cooler than Texas air conditioning, you’ll dry faster than tinfoil in the desert, and you will actually weigh less after putting it on. Sound like the current landscape of cycling apparel? The tech wars are at Defcon 5 in the battle for your kit.

In search of something different (apparel that can stand out without “shouting” out, gear that fits between 2% body fat and a beer belly, gear that will last longer than the local insurance companies sponsorship of your master’s team, etc.), we found DannyShane. We rode in the gear, we connected with the people behind the brand, and we feel in love.

Launched in 2009, DannyShane has an ace up its sleeve. Its founder, Shane Hunt, is equal parts business man and design guru. He has found a way to make his clothing both simple and striking at the same time. The heart and sole of his product line is an eco-friendly fabric: half polyester and half Bamboo White Ash. The bamboo is harvested and milled into proprietary fabric in Taiwan and then sent on to their factories for sublimating, cutting, and sewing.

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With three different lines, Tartan, Retrospective and a casual riding line called Metropolitan, it was the Tartan line that put DannyShane on our radar. Calling back to one of Shane Hunt’s previous endeavors, it appears to be inspired by time on the golf links. It manages perhaps the most difficult trick a cycling kit can pull off: being original without being obnoxious.

Unlike other technical jerseys that mix multiple fabrics DannyShane relies on their Bamboo White Ash exclusively. It has a slightly plush, natural feel against the body and is invested with a host of beneficial characteristics – odor capture, thermal regulation, moisture deterrence, UV protection, and is highly breathable. Since Bamboo White Ash is actually sewn into the fabric it won’t wash out like the chemical additives in other fabrics. You will get the benefits for the life of the jersey, not to mention brighter, longer lasting sublimated colors, which is a good thing when the jerseys have a unique look for all the right reasons.

Tested: Londonderry Jersey ($125) and Shelby S2 Bib ($195)

The Londonderry is all about simplicity. Three traditional pockets plus a small zippered security pocket, a full zip and silicon waist gripper sum up the jersey’s features. There are no mesh accents or aero shoulder panels; just the soft feel of Bamboo White Ash against your skin. The bibs are a much more run of the mill affair using 100% nylon, although eight panels and a quality Cytech chamois let them do their job. They look great when paired with DannyShane’s gorgeous jerseys. The small sublimated DannyShane signature on the thigh is a nice touch, ensuring the bibs will look good, as long as the jersey does.

Fit: American Performance Cut

“American” in this sense means “bigger”. It’s tailored to fit on the bike, but it won’t wrap you up like a sausage as a euro race fit would.  Don’t confuse this with a fitness or sportive cut. It’s better than that. There’s less fabric at the belly, less volume at the shoulders, but enough room to move and breath on and off the bike.

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