The Greatest Backpack Ever Made: BOREAS LAGUNITAS

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By bicyclebluebook August 14, 2014

While used bike values and a providing used bicycles for sale are Bicycle Blue Book’s business, rinding bikes is our passion, whether for fun or transportation, so we are always on the look out for products that help us do both, better.  We’ve all had plenty of backpacks over our lifetime for riding lots of bikes. You can point to the JanSport you had in high school or college when you ride to school on a bike that was just transportation, the trendy messenger bag you threw over your shoulder on the commute to work when the bike’s true potential became apparent, or the handmade leather satchel you found in an obscure artsy shop in New Mexico made by a barefooted hippie named Kai.

Whatever you used, they served their purpose and have either moved on long ago or have been thrown to the back of the closet with hopes of being rediscovered when your style changes—again.

Perhaps the greatest backpack (yes, greatest) I have ever used is the Lagunitas made by Boreas. Known more for their adventure travel packs, Boreas is now venturing into the general use/commuter niche with this model. It’s no-nonsense, understated appearance hides the versatility that the bag truly possesses.

Boreas Lagunitas Back Pack

In total, it has just four zipped pockets: two small ones for keys or power chords or the like, a medium-sized, waterproof top pocket for your wallet or gear you need to access easily, and the big one for clothing, documents, laptop or even a hydration bladder, as the pack has two hydration ports. At first glance it looks like a small-capacity pack, but the Lagunitas has the ability to expand because it’s made of durable, lightweight nylon, making it the lightest backpack I have ever used. I was surprised how much stuff I was able to load in it on a recent trip: a 15-inch laptop, a Kindle, SLR camera, a jacket, large notebook, and a couple of sandwiches.

For ergonomics, the Lagunitas uses what they call SUPER-TRAMP. It’s a suspension system consisting of a metal bar that can be adjusted easily with the tug of a strap. It’s the same structure that a hiking pack uses, only simplified and downsized for the daily user. It effectively arches the bar, lifting the pack off your back—an ideal setup not only for hot days or on the bike, but all the time. Load the pack up pretty heavy, and you won’t feel the weight as much as you would in the traditional backpack.

So what’s missing from this pack? Not much. But it could use another medium-sized, zipped interior pocket for stuff you don’t want accessible to the outside world. Overall, this pack is perfect for daily use, whether that means going on day hikes, commuting, or slogging around town. It’s light, durable, fully adjustable, has a unique suspension system and is understated. Perfect!

$140; 25-liter volume; 970 grams; colors include Eclipse Black (shown), Truckee Green, Marina Blue;

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