Today Is Thanksgiving!

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By bicyclebluebook November 27, 2014

Today is Thanksgiving, one of our favorite Holidays at! It reminds us to pause and give thanks for all that were given in life. Here at we are grateful to be part of the greatest community in the world. We are passionate about bikes and fortunate to be able to build a business around our passion, one that gives back to cyclists in a unique way.

As if Thanksgiving wasn’t enough of a reminder for us to be grateful the cycling community got another abrupt reminder yesterday when industry icon and innovator Steve Hed passed away too early at 59.

Steve Hed was that well respected quiet voice the industry listened to. He carried the kind of voice that could silence marketing noise and have rooms full of engineers scrambling to pivot directions based on his claims in an instant.

Steve’s ability to bring an enhancement to what we all love to do was incredible. He simply made riding a road bike better. Two of my favorite “Ah Ha” experiences on a bike came from his wheel developments. The first was in the late 90’s when I had the pleasure of riding a set of Hed Tri-Spokes for the first time. If you’ve ever ridden a set then you know the feeling combined with the sound of them winding up is unlike anything else. The sense of really going fast and the drop in drag is unbelievable.

My second “Ah Ha” moment on Hed wheels came from a sponsorship in 2007 and I received a set of wide rimmed prototype HED Ardenne wheels. I’d been riding bikes for a good part of my life then but experiencing the ride quality, and way the bicycle handled with the newly designed rim was incredible and something totally new. I remember bragging how great they were to my riding buddies during the inaugural ride, then afterwards at the coffee shop everyone lined up to ride the wheels around the block, each one coming back with a childlike grin on their face.

Steve will certainly be missed but it’s his innovative mindset that will drive the industry to be better forever.

So today on Thanksgiving go ride, stay out a little longer enjoying the simple things, savor the day, spend time with loved ones, and don’t forget to enjoy a meal!
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