Trading In A Used Bike Versus Selling It Yourself




So its time to buy that new bike you’ve been eyeballing for the last six months, but there’s just one little thing nagging you – what to do with your existing bike. Do you sell it on Craigslist or eBay, or do you trade it in to your local bike shop that participates in the Trade-In Partner program? Let’s break down the options.


Selling Yourself

Having personally sold dozens of bikes over the years both on eBay and locally on Craigslist, I have discovered some definite advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, selling through Craigslist will most likely net you the most money of all options without having to pay any surcharge fees, that is, assuming you can find the right legitimate buyer.

Of course the main challenge with Craigslist is ensuring a safe and secure transaction location. Although most Craigslist users are honest folks, bicycles are more valuable than they’ve ever been, and as a result, bicycle theft is rampant. For thieves, Craigslist is the perfect excuse to case a person’s house. If you do decide to go the Craigslist route, be sure to not let the prospective buyer see anything inside your house or garage. Meet them in the driveway, or better yet, meet them at a nearby shopping mall parking lot. And it’s never a bad idea to bring along a friend.

Counterfeit Money

Assuming all goes well and the buyer wants the bike, the next potential issue is currency. Do you know what counterfeit money looks like? If you decide to accept a check, do you know the proper protocol to avoid being the victim of check fraud? These are all scenarios that can happen when privately selling a bike.

For those who simply don’t want to deal with these potential hassles, there are online options including eBay and classified sections at bike-oriented websites. These are great ways to sell a bike too, as you’re drawing from a much wider audience of folks who might specifically be looking for your exact bike. But the downsides are that you’ll most likely have to pack and ship the bike as well as pay some potentially high transaction fees, making it more costly and less convenient.

Another item to consider, especially with mountain bikes, is that in order to ensure a satisfied buyer and get the most for your money, you’ll have to either completely overhaul and service the bike yourself or spend additional money to have your bike shop do it. Of course, you could advertise the bike “as-is”, but the prospective buyer will be more likely to try and low-ball you on price.


Trade It In

Thanks to the new Trade-In Partner program, there’s an additional option for folks who are looking to buy a new bike and want an easy, fair way to get rid of their old bike – trading it in. With more than a hundred shops across the country participating in the Trade-In Partner program, customers can take their used bicycle to a participating shop, get the suggested value through the Value Guide, then receive a credit for that amount towards any new bike of your choice. Simple, easy and fair, and the best part, immediate!


Trade-In Bicycle


With this new Trade-In Partner program, within a couple hours you can literally walk into a participating shop, trade in your old bike and ride out on your new one, taking the hassle and risk out of trying to sell your old bike on your own.


Bicycle Repairs


The Other End of the Transaction

Now let’s say you’re in the market for a used bike. The aforementioned resources like eBay, Craigslist and bike-specific classifieds are great options to find some killer deals, but similar risks and inconveniences can exist. If you’re buying a carbon fiber bike, do you know what a damaged composite frame looks like? Can you identify and detect any cracks that may render the bike unusable? Are you sure the bike has not been stolen and actually belongs to the owner selling it? If you are buying the bike online, are you sure the size of the frame fits correctly? Is the seller verified to ensure your money doesn’t disappear into cyberspace without any bike in exchange?

All of these scenarios are items to consider when buying used. In addition to providing sellers with a safe and convenient means to unload their used bike, also provides buyers with a used bike Marketplace. Offering the convenience of paying with a credit card or through PayPal, the Marketplace features Verified Pre-Owned bicycles to ensure that the bike you’re interested in functions perfectly and is not damaged or stolen. And thanks to the Value Guide, rest assured that you wont’ be paying too much for that new used bike.

Find the value of your used bike, get more information on the Trade-In Partner program and search the Marketplace for a great deal on your next bike! – What’s Your Bike Worth?
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