Turning Used Bikes Into New Bikes For Christmas

Do you remember that feeling when you were a kid of wanting a new bicycle for Christmas? Whats that you say? Nothing has changed you still want a new bike for Christmas this year? Ha, Ha, Ok fair enough. Then for the sake of this blog lets back up a few years to when you were a kid. If you were like us you use to frequent the local bike shop drooling over the new GT Dyno or Robinson BMX bike or maybe it was a chromoly road bike or a rigid mountain bike. The point is when we were kids bikes were cool and before we had cars it was for many of us our first taste of freedom.

Now lets get real, when you were a kid it didn’t really matter if it was a new bike or used bike. You just wanted a good bike, something to keep up with your friends, to facilitate adventure and a chance to explore. If it was new great, but if it was used that was cool too!

I know growing up I would have been just as happy with a good used bike as I would have been with that same new bike, especially if it meant my parents or I could afford to buy it.

Lets face it you weren’t going to wash it weekly and take it in for scheduled tune-ups. You were going to ride it through the mud, drop it, scratch it, see who could skid the farthest, or maybe even give it a good ghost ride.

With Christmas is fast approaching we want to draw attention to the number of shops nation wide that sell used bikes. Better yet there is an increasing number of shops that have begun to adopt our BicycleBlueBook.com Trade-In program where you can take the three, four, or more bikes in the garage that aren’t being used and trade them in for some value towards a new or used bike from that shop!

Sound too good to be true?  Its not and its happening now!  No more hassle of cleaning a bike up before sale or dumping more money into than you will likely get out.  Its as simple as bringing the bike or bikes down to a participating Trade-In Partner using the BicycleBlueBook.com Trade-In Calculator to determine value and applying the credit given towards that new or new used bicycle for sale!

For a list of our bike shop partners nation wide see below. If you don’t see your favorite shop on the list let us know by sending an email as a recommendation and we will reach out to them.

Please note that not all of the shops on the list subscribe as Trade-In Partners willing to accept used bikes as credit for a new one but as time progresses with your help more and more will begin to adopt this strategy and become this resource in your community.


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