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By bicyclebluebook January 2, 2015

Hopefully 2015 is already off to a great start for you, maybe its some time with the family, time off work, some football, or even a little ride if you are lucky enough to sneak one in! It’s likely the time for New Year resolutions and the two most common ones are always to make more money and loose weight. While each person’s resolutions are often personal and meaningful to them we acknowledge that yours could be much different, however since they are the most common lets for a second look through the BicycleBlueBook.com lens.

Did you have a new bike under your tree or on your list last week? Every year for us this is an exciting time, we love bikes and there is always significant anticipation for the latest technology coming in the New Year. 2015 looks to be a great year for bikes with lots of exciting new models, more reinventions of the wheel, paint schemes, frame designs, tube shapes, new ways to measure power, we love it all. Although the calendar may have just turned over to 2015 from 2014 the bike industry like many others has been offering their 2015 products for a month or two already. Over the last month we have begun to catalog and add to our 2015 database of bikes. We still have a long ways to go, but as a first point of reference we offer a great starting point. Over the next month we will bring you thousands more images, bikes, and values for your favorite bicycles.

Back to the resolutions… Our solution is simple and if you are familiar with what we do you probably know it’s coming, that being said it doesn’t make it any less important! With lots of emphasis on the new it’s probably equally important that you move out something used. Why not create some extra cash and start chipping away at the New Years resolution of making more money? Start with what’s in your garage! New bike prices aren’t going down so you might as well take one or two of the ones in your garage that aren’t being used and move them on to a new home or put them towards a new purchase. Now it’s easier than ever to sell locally, on the Internet, or trade a bike in. Visit our site for a list of bike shops across the country that are taking in trades, or use our marketplace to sell a bike.

Once you’ve cleared some space in the garage and freed up some cash its time to get motivated for that second resolution. Our suggestion is to just have fun, if it’s not on a bike find something you enjoy doing or can do this time of year. Certainly a new bike or new to you bike can make the motivation much easier for getting out the door when it’s a little colder out, but the bottom line is you just have to do it. Call a buddy, or find some friends to help encourage you on tough winter days. Even if your only getting out for a short while the work you put in now will pay dividends, as the days get longer.

Happy New Year From BicycleBlueBook.com

Lets get out and make 2015 our best year ever!

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