You Spoke, We Listened!

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By bicyclebluebook March 12, 2014

Upgrades, you know we love ’em, we spend enough time telling you about our favorites, expounding on how they can turbo charge a used bike you may have picked up on Bicycle Blue Book, how they can make your ride more comfortable or stylish. Well, after listening to your input on our website, on social media, and mostly just talking to other cyclists on  the group ride we know you all wanted the ability to share your upgrades when you want to find out your used bike value with our valuation tool. So, head on over to our site and check out the new features. Did you add a slick set of carbon clinchers? Maybe you styled your bike out with Dura Ace Di2 or a new saddle. Whatever you did to take your bike to the next level, our used bicycle values will now reflect it. Sure, it took some serious research, a lot of math and a quite few double espressos, but we live for this stuff and want Bicycle Blue Book to continue to be the web’s best marketplace and only accurate valuation tool.

Zipp Road Wheels

While we were at it we made a few other changes to. Why not, right? We revamped the search function. No more scrolling down a list of manufactures or models. Go ahead and type your bike’s info into the search fields and – abracadabra – we’ll predict what you are going to type before you type it. Sure, the fact that we can read your mind is kinda spooky, but you won’t believe how much faster it makes searching for bikes. This was another update gleaned from your input and thank you. Bicycle Blue Book is by cyclists for cyclists and we want to be as seamless and intuitive as possible, while providing all the tools you need. After all, our goal is to get out riding on the bike of your dreams as fast as possible. If we can help you find out what your used bike is worth faster , maybe you’ll list it on our marketplace sooner, sell it more quickly and get the cash you need to get a new bike, or buy a late model used bike in our marketplace. Whatever it takes to get you on the road, trail or even just cruising down the bike path for a quick coffee with friends and family, we want you on your bike.

Think of the changes to Bicycle Blue Book this way, we just put a fancy new set of deep dish carbon tubulars on the website and it made it much, much faster. You know we love upgrades!

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